No (Heart) for Darkness

No (Heart) for Darkness
  • Sat Oct 14, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Dan Shimizu
  • Epyllion
  • X-card
  • Contra Costa II (57)
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Dragonia is a vast continent, filled from shore to shore with draconic cities, strongholds, and holdings. The mega-continent and its western archipelago are surrounded by dangerous waters filled with kraken who can swallow an elder dragon whole.

Dragonia is filled with terrain ranging from forests to deserts, but the continent revolves around the capital city, a draconic masterpiece of massive architecture that seems to reach up to touch the moons themselves. The beating of wings rarely ceases to echo throughout the tiered council chambers, as dragons come and go bearing news of events in far off provinces. The many Houses of Dragonia share power through the Council of Dragonia; no one House can rule Dragonia alone.

The Moons that grace the sky of Dragonia are important to all drakes, both culturally and magically. Dragons have always had a strong relationship with their lunar guardians, reflected in Dragonia’s art and traditions. Moon Magic is only given to those who ask for the assistance of the great moons, but the moons are generous and kind to those who seek their power.

For all its grace and beauty, Dragonia is home to much Darkness. Thousands of years ago, Dragonia battled the Darkness, an ethereal force of corruption in The War of Shadows. The drakes of Dragonia fought back the Darkness, ultimately destroying its forces, but the great seer Flyreign prophesied that the Darkness would rise again. Most dismiss her prophecy, believing Dragonia to be safe–aside from the occasional corrupted creature–but those who listen closely know that the Darkness is much closer than anyone suspects…

Epyllion is Powered by the Apocalypse.


Game held in the Teen Room (Contra Costa Salon II). This game is open only to teens for the first two weeks of registration. After that it’s open to everyone. For more on teen games and events see Teens at Big Bad Con

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