New Hope on the Brink

  • Sat Oct 17, 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Becky Thomas
  • Abantey
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New Hope is a thriving trade city forged by the Gods’ will after of the chaos of the Hybrid War and strengthened by the bonds created through a shared tragedy and purpose – bonds between those Marked by the Gods and those who follow the Rogue Ways.

It is a place for where seven of the eight cultures trade and explore the diversity of their ways. New Hope is also a seething caldron of political intrigue, grand deeds of heroism, and all vagaries of human empathy, creativity, invention, greed and avarice.

The peace in New Hope is shaken as holy items are stolen from the temples of 5 of the gods – are the Rogues to blame? or the 2 untouched Temples?

As tensions grow, it is up to YOU – a group of adventurers from each of the Marked cultures and a Rogue representative – to solve this mystery before the fragile balance is destroyed!

Abantey is a complex and unique world, ever growing and sculpted by its players with 26 years of game development and play-testing.

Tags: Adventure, Apocalyptic, Combat, Dark, Drama, Exploration, Fantasy, Intrigue, Investigation, PG-13, Play to find out, Serious, Strong storyline, Super Powers, Suspenseful

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