Neurodivergence in TTRPGs

Catieosaurus, Jacob Plicque, Friday Strout, Puja, Persephiroth
  • Panel
System: Panel
Date: Oct 1
2:00pm (duration 1:00)
Room: Cypress Room A (111)
Spaces: 50
Attendee/Player Age: 18+
This session will discuss strategies and opportunities for both DMs and players to better support neurodivergence in TTRPGs and how we can create a more inclusive arena for play and exploration. Prominent mental health advocates and notable ADHD/TTRPG tiktokers, youtubers, podcasters, @catieosaurus and @heygude, believe that there is room at the gaming table for everyone- just sometimes, they need to fidget. Join them (and a few friends) for a panel discussion of best practices for supporting our brains' unique challenges.
Content Advisory!
Discussions of mental health and potential neurodivergent traum

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Date: Oct 1
2:00pm (duration 1:00)
Spaces: 50

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