Natural Selection

Natural Selection
  • Wed Oct 9, 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
  • Wilson Zorn
  • Natural Selection
  • Adult Themes
  • Nothing personal, but end of the world scenario with extinctions possible.
  • Open Door policy
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EARLY PLAYTEST. Humans don’t run the show — they’re the puppets of the ancient great species of the Dolphins, Octopus, Chimpanzees, Geese, Rats, Ants, and Corvidae. You run a species deciding to go for the great launch/exodus or to save the planet (or part of it).

We’ll play a lightning card-only game to get the mechanics down, then a (still quick) diplomacy/intrigue game in our session.

Tags: Alternate History, Apocalyptic, Fantasy, Potentially triggering*, Provocative

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