My Jam

Melanie Stark and Antonio Morton
  • All Ages
  • LARP
System: My Jam
Date: Oct 29 2:00pm (4 hours)
Spaces: 20
Attendee/Player Age: 13+
Safety Tools: Open Door Policy, Cut/Brake, Script Change, X-card, Other
Characters: Created at the table
My Jam is a LARP in which players embody high-school musarchs—magicians whose powers are focused through music—at the biggest dance of the year. During the dance you’ll be able to hang with your friends, pick arguments with your frenemies, and moon over your crush, just like any other high school dance. But when your music is playing, you become the most powerful being on the dance floor—and maybe the entire gymnasium! At the end of the night, one of you will be elected Dance Monarch and enact a powerful ritual that can permanently change the world.
Tags: Super Powers Drama Improv Play to find out Light

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