My Daughter, the Queen of France

  • Fri Oct 5, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Finch (Ethan) K.
  • My Daughter, the Queen of France
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The story of the game revolves around the estrangement of William Shakespeare from his daughter. Upset and confused, the playwright struggles to answer the questions surrounding their falling out: why did it happen? who was at fault? what happened to the daughter he thought he knew, and to the life he imagined for her? Scenes from their life – together and apart – repeat themselves in his head, but different every time, so that he can never be sure what really happened, or why.

In an attempt to overcome his grief, Shakespeare decides to turn to his friends: actors, mostly, though some may also be writers themselves, or men of business, or even one or another of his noble patrons. And though they are Shakespeare’s friends, they also knew his daughter, and have their own opinions about what happened between the two of them. Their interests may not align directly with Shakespeare’s, but underneath it all there is a bond of friendship – and who could stand to see a friend suffer?

Together, Shakespeare and his friends will create, write, rehearse, and perform a play dedicated to the question of his daughter; her nature, her dreams and aspirations, the troubles and triumphs of her life, and her inevitable estrangement from her father.


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