Murder on Negafloor 801-J

Murder on Negafloor 801-J
  • Sat Oct 14, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Will Calloway
  • The Veil
  • Adult Themes
  • Lines/Veils, Open Door policy
  • 577 (24)
  • 4
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By order of our Lord, All-Governor Magnus Extrema, there shall be no more night in the city of Lumiere. The night is danger, and He cares only for the safety of His subjects. The night is darkness, and He cannot allow the Grand Metropolis’ beauty to be hidden for even a moment. The night is succor to the traitorous holo-anarchists – who seek only to upset the delicate balance that has made Lumiere the greatest city in the Trisystem, and He cannot stand for that. May His light shine forever more.

Additionally: Negafloors 731-770 are scheduled to be demolished to make room for the new Fullcross stadium. Any occupants not evacuated by the start of construction will be made mandatory entrants in the next Fullcross melee.


Murder on Negafloor 801-J is a murder mystery Powered by the Apocalypse, set in the saturated dystopia of Lumiere – Greatest City in the Trisystemâ„¢. Players will play citizens desperately trying to navigate a world lush with sin, cybernetics, and psychedelia. It’s fuchsia skies and VR grime; ‘Brazil‘ in a pair of day-glo tights.

Inspired by the works of Alexander Jodorowsky and Moebius – particularly their collaboration in ‘The Incal‘.

Tags: Adventure, Aliens, Comical, Cyberpunk, Dark, Graphic Violence, Intrigue, Investigation, Mystery, PbtA, Play to find out, Provocative, Pulp, Sci-Fi, Silly, Suspenseful

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