Mouse Guard: Deliver the Mail

  • Fri Oct 14, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Harry Lee
  • Mouse Guard
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Join the Mouse Guard and defend the Mouse Territories against predators and dangers, in this roleplaying game for the Mouse Guard comic book series! The game is intended for all ages and levels of game-playing experience by award-winning game designer Luke Crane and is based on a simplified version of his Burning Wheel rules system. This system is designed to provide a rich yet structured approach to creating a shared narrative adventure. Game sessions are divided into two main parts, the Game Masters Turn, and the Players Turn. In both Turns the game story can change and evolve. The system is designed to encourage story telling, particularly shared story telling, with both players and the GM at times alternating control of the narrative. We’ll be using pregenerated characters and a published scenario to get started as quickly as possible. Thanks!

Tags: Adventure, Combat, Fantasy, Strong storyline

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