Monster Voices Gameplay Demo

Shuffleupigus Games
  • All Ages
  • Board/Card Game
System: Party
Date: Oct 27 10:00pm (1 hours)
Spaces: 20
Attendee/Player Age: 13+
Safety Tools: Open Door Policy
Monster Voices is the game for you if you love making weird voices and tackling serious problems - like how would a dribbling three-eyed burping potato read Shakespeare?

It's loud. It's weird. It's wild.

You'll be assigned a monster from the lineup (there are 308 in the game!) and using only your voice and the words on a card will convey the essence of your monster, trying to get the Monster Spotter to guess who you are in as few tries as possible.

Come drop by for a quick round, or strap up for a full game of Party Mode or even take the ultimate challenge and Run The Gauntlet!
Tags: Rotating authority

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