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Coloring Book

Coloring Book is a larp format for telling stories about clashing realities. Rules are simple and will be taught on site.


An ancient kingdom crumbles at the edge of the dark sea. A dying king disowns the future to grasp at the past. A forsaken prince falters in the face of an unwanted marriage. And a mermaid gives up her voice to search for a human soul…

This sharply lonely adaptation of The Little Mermaid intertwines legends to tell a tale of sacrifice, mortality, and a long, long road to love— or desolation.

Characters will be assigned carefully by survey in advance.

Should I play this game?

Mermaid uses Ars Amandi.
Physical touch and sexuality are core themes of the story. To facilitate, this game will use a light version of ars amandi. There will be a short workshop in advance, and experience is not necessary. Please be warned that players will be touching each other’s hands and arms.

Trigger Warnings
This game is filled with uncertain boundaries, reluctant consent, poor judgment and self-destructive choices. There may be emotional violence. Although we believe strongly in diverse games, most characters in this particular story are binary-cisgendered and alloromantic-allosexual. Sexual coercion is not present.

You may enjoy this game for
lyrical play, vast emotional nuance, and dark characters.

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Tags: Adult themes, Dark, Drama, Emotional, Fantasy, Melancholy, Play to find out, Potentially triggering*, Provocative, Romance, Serious, Sex and Sexuality

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