• Sun Oct 16, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Paul Beakley
  • Meridian
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Driven by powerful emotions or desperate longing, you journey beyond our own reality to Meridian, a kaleidoscopic city of dreamlike qualities. You will venture through strange, fantastical, and sometimes unsettling locales and encounter people and creatures of all kinds, from talking animals to friendly monsters to mythical beings of legend. Some of them might accompany you to the Scarlet Masquerade or the Phoenix Aerie, searching for your way home. Like Alice exploring the Wonderland, or Sarah finding her way through the Labyrinth of the Goblin King, you will experience a journey where you discover not only this magical place, but also parts of yourself.

This is a game for three to five daydreamers and explorers of the imagination.

Tags: Collaborative, Exploration, Fantasy, GM-less, Melancholy

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