Mechwarriors of the Burning Sphere: Battle for Gateshead

  • Fri Oct 16, 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Jonathan Breese
  • Burning Empires/Burning Wheel
  • PG-13
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Protected by a Star League era orbital defense network, Gateshead has gone relatively unscathed by the 3rd Succession War. Two hours ago, jump signatures were detected at the star system’s Nadir jump point, and engine flares of unidentified dropships were detected. War has come to Gateshead.

Mechwarriors of the Burning Sphere is a hack using a mix of Burning Empires and Burning Wheel to experience the Mechwarrior/Battletech universe. The game is set towards the end of the 3rd Succession War around 3025. You will take on the role of senior members of a noble family and their retainers facing a looming invasion. It’s a mix of family and military drama.

– Knowledge of the Battletech universe is handy, but not required.
– Experience with the Burning Wheel system is appreciated, but not required.
– Characters will be provided.

Tags: Collaborative, Combat, Drama, Emotional, Intrigue, Military, PG-13, Player antagonism, Sci-Fi, Serious, Strong storyline

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