Mecha vs Kaiju: Fate of the World

  • Sun Oct 16, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Johnathan Wright & Adam Diran
  • Fate Core
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Japan has been under constant threat of invasion since the 1950s by giant, monstrous kaiju. The Mecha Assault Force was formed from a corp of highly-trained pilots, the best of the best, shining beacons of bravery and skill, justly admired and adored by the populace.
The United States of America was not invaded from without, but from within by an army of radioactive mutagiant insects erupting out of the atomic test sites of the southwest. Now this region, bordered by the Mississippi River to the East and the Sierra’s to the West, is a kingdom of insects. The only force brave enough to patrol this place are the Continental Rangers, power-armor soldiers who scour the land, defending those brave souls tough enough to stay from the mutagiant hordes that would devour them.

But Japan and the US share more than the threat of giant monsters: they share an ocean, and when a threat arises out of the Pacific that could destroy both nations these two groups of armored soldiers will unite to save the Fate of the World!

Tags: Adventure, Light, Modern, Sci-Fi giant monster, giant robot, mecha, kaiju

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