Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda
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Kadara was of great interest to the Andromeda Initiative after it appeared on long-range surveys. Seemingly abundant liquid water and an oxygen-mix atmosphere made it a strong candidate for settlement, earning it the designation Habitat 4. Closer range surveys now reveal that Kadara’s water sources are tainted and unpotable.

But the biggest danger on Kadara isn’t mother nature—it’s the people. A large settlement known as Kadara Port has been adopted by exiles, pirates, and mercenaries who use it as a staging ground. Reportedly once a trade port for the angara, it is now considered a rogue state by the Nexus, given its strong ties to the exiles, and Initiative personnel are advised to keep their distance. Nonetheless, deteriorating conditions on the Nexus have brought you to Kadara Port. Will you use this opportunity to save the Nexus, or save yourself?

According to angaran refugees, Kadara Port is currently contested by two factions: the pirate Outcasts, led by former Nexus security official Sloane Kelly, and a more mysterious group of spies and smugglers broadly known as the Collective. After the uprising, a lot of folks went psycho. Sloane keeps the cream of the crop (using the term lightly) up at port, but banishes the rest. The badlands are basically a prison, with mountains for walls and no cells.

This game takes place concurrently with the beginning of Mass Effect: Andromeda. If Mass Effect thrilled you, but Andromeda disappointed you, here is your chance to show us all how it should have been done. If you don’t know the setting, join us anyway! This is a science fiction storytelling game where you play one of the first inter-galactic voyagers out of cryosleep, establishing a foothold for a new civilization in an unfamiliar galaxy. You may forge relationships, explore new landscapes, build your own vehicles, tinker with technology and take meaningful actions with irreversible consequences. For more details, check out the rules here.

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