Make Better Games with Science!

  • Sat Oct 14, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Twyla Campbell
  • Workshop
  • California A (Workshop)
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Getting people to play your game is one step of playtesting. Having a clear plan and playtest goals will help optimize your playtests to consistently get valuable feedback every time. This workshop will help designers apply straightforward tactics to have faster, cheaper, and more insightful playtests. Bring your games, designs, ideas for case studies on running better playtests.

Twyla Campbell, Ph.D. is a research psychologist at Unger Campbell, an internationally recognized human factors and usability consulting firm. The focus of her work is using psychological principles and research to improve interactions between users and systems, an approach she applies enthusiastically to game design and play testing. Dr. Campbell has experience developing systems for a wide variety of defense and corporate clients.

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