Magimundi: The Search for the Snow Dragon

Magimundi: The Search for the Snow Dragon
  • Sat Oct 12, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Maury Brown
  • A Grandiose Disaster
  • Cut/Brake, Open Door Policy, OK check in, Lookdown, Largo
  • San Jose (57)
  • 4
  • 3 of 13
  • Provided


This adventure is set in the world of the Magimundi, a new magical universe featuring New World Magischola, a North American wizard college.

You will play a wizard or mage looking for a mythical and rare creature, the Snow Dragon. A migratory creature who seasonally journeys across the north pole from Siberia, the Snow Dragon is not only immensely powerful, but incredibly cunning, and has confounded every expedition to document its cryptozoological properties, often fatally.

Players will select a pre-generated character, then go from scene to scene experiencing disaster and ruin, deciding who lives and who dies. Think of it like role-playing a horror or disaster movie. There’s a high probability your character will die during the event, but that’s all part of the fun.

If you’re curious about New World Magischola, come check it out, even if it looks full on the schedule!

Tags: Adventure, Collaborative, Comical, Exploration, Fantasy, Freeform, Hijinx, Improv, Silly, Suspenseful Magic, Magimundi

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