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Lovecraftesque is a GM-less storytelling game of brooding cosmic horror. We will each contribute strange clues to a slow-building mystery, culminating in a journey into darkness that ends in a climactic scene of horror.

We’ll be creating our own mystery, cribbing from the tone and style of H.P. Lovecraft, but without worrying about Mi-Go or Deep Ones or other canon. We’ll get a fresh take on the genre.

The game focuses on a single Witness, who is at the mercy of strange and terrifying events. In Lovecraftesque, we rotate responsibility for playing the Witness, but the role is much more about revealing their inner thoughts and fears than solving the mystery or beating up cultists.

We’ll choose from a selection of scenario “starters” to get us going. They’ll also help out when you’re feeling like you can’t think of something to build off of. This will give us a setting, the basics of our Witness, and some locations and sample clues to use, steal, riff off of, or use as inspiration for whatever weird, dark things come out of your brain.

No prior knowledge of Lovecraftesque is required, but you can learn more about the game on their Kickstarter page (the full game will be released in September 2016).

Tags: GM-less, Horror, Investigation, Rotating authority, Suspenseful Lovecraftian Horror

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