Lotus Blossom’s Bridal Path

  • Sun Oct 6, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Shaun Hayworth
  • Tenra Bansho Zero
  • PG-13
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Toki wa Sengoku – an age of warring states. The world is stained by hundreds of years of continuous war, with no end in sight. This is but one tale of many in the land called Tenra. . . a tale of war, loss, and struggle. . . a tale of pain and bravery. . . the tale of Lotus Blossom’s
bloody bridal path.

The Ayanokoji and Takatsukasa clans have been at war for many decades. It is a war that has cost the lives of many men, destroyed many rice fields, caused much pain and suffering. It is a war that has cost Lord Ayanokoji the life of his son. It is a war that must end.

Lord Ayanokoji is so convinced of this fact that he has made a decision to sacrifice one of his most precious treasures: the kugutsu named Lotus Blossom. He is sending this priceless treasure to the lands of his longtime enemy to marry the young lord of the Takatsukasa: the dashing Lord Shinji. It is the hope of Lord Ayanokoji that this gift will serve as such a gesture of goodwill that
the heart of his enemy will be softened, and that this bloody war may be brought to a final conclusion.

But there are those who wish to see the war continue. Bandits who prey upon the dead and dying. Neighboring kingdoms rightfully fear a possible alliance between these two powerful nations. Samurai and warriors who have given themselves to hate and cannot let go of their swords. Even the inscrutable Shinto Priesthood have their own reasons to oppose the coming peace.

Lotus Blossom’s bridal path will be paved in blood

Tags: Adventure, Collaborative, Combat, Drama, Fantasy, Graphic Violence, PG-13, Sci-Fi, Strong storyline

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