Laser Kittens: Scaredy Cats!

Laser Kittens: Scaredy Cats!
  • Sun Oct 14, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Jeanette Krushinski
  • Laser Kittens
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It’s Halloween at the Knoll Street School for Wayward Kittens! To the humans, it’s the usual affair: handing out candy to ‘Trick-or-Treat’ers, getting a bit dressed up to get into the spirit, and watching “Hocus Pocus” with a mug of warm cider. For the young foster kittens, however, there are frights aplenty! That strange echoing bell won’t stop sounding. The humans have been replaced with monsters who stole their faces and scents! And who trapped a human in the boombox, forcing him to keep singing Thriller?!

Thankfully, every kitten has a laser power that they are learning to control to help them on this fearful night, and the feline professors are always close by to offer advice and teach the lessons the kittens will need to know to grow up to be the best cats and earn their fabled ‘Forever Home!’

In Laser Kittens, you take on the role of a two-month old kitten who is being raised in a foster home before being put up for adoption. The kittens have laser powers that can do all sorts of things. Think of the tone and scope as “Rugrats” with felines and a dash of fantasy to taste. This is a collaborative storytelling and roleplaying game. Everyone at the table will have a character and the chance to take on the role of ‘Class Captain’ to direct a scene like a Game Master would.

Sign up if you have a love for cats, a big heart, and a bit of a silly streak!

Tags: Collaborative, Cute, Fantasy, Hijinx, Modern, Play to find out, Rotating authority, Silly cats

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