Lacuna, Part 1

  • Sun Oct 9, 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Ethan Knudson
  • Lacuna, Part 1
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All Mystery Agents must complete a mandatory orientation with Control before their first dive into Blue City and promotion to [CLASSIFIED]. During orientation you will learn:

1. How to enter, navigate, and eject from Blue City.
2. How to detect and eradicate Hostile Personalities.
3. How to avoid detection and capture by [CLASSIFIED].
4. Proper use of the [CLASSIFIED].
6. How to monitor your heart rate while submerged in Blue City.
7. How to contact the real world through Control while in Blue City.

Remember to focus on your mission: Once submerged into Blue City, locate, contain, and [CLASSIFIED] the Hostile
Personality with your Lacuna Device.

Thank you for cooperation. All materials will be provided by Control.


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