Kraken Below

Banana Chan
  • Playtest
  • RPG
System: Kraken Below (PbtA)
Date: Oct 28 9:00am (4 hours)
Spaces: 4
Attendee/Player Age: 18+
Safety Tools: X-card,Lines/Veils,Open Door Policy,Script Change
Characters: Created at the table
In Kraken Below, players are the Crewmates of a private motor yacht that charters high-end clientele to some of the most sought-after destinations. Unfortunately, in a post-climate change world, sea monsters (and other mutated or ancient sea creatures) that have been hidden away for so long are now swimming closer to the surface. The Crewmates are going to have to make sure they can keep the Guests happy, keep one another away from each other"s throats and most importantly...keep themselves alive.

In this one-shot scenario, the Crewmates will be working off the northeast coast of Phuket, Thailand. Much of the coastline has receded over time, but business is still booming in the cruise industry. As long as there"s water, there"s boats, amirite? This charter, the Guests want to sail to Turtle Village, what used to be attached to the rest of Phuket Island, is now a small piece of land surrounded by water, just a few miles away from the rest of Phuket. Unfortunately, the journey there is treacherous and there have been rumors of something even deadlier that lives at Turtle Village.
Content Advisory!
Underwater horror, body horror, action movie violence, environmental disasters, rumor spreading and gossip, lying, cheating, stealing, rocky relationships between characters (romantic relationships and friendships)
Tags: LGBTQ themes Suspenseful Dark Comical Apocalyptic Modern Horror Collaborative Strong storyline Hijinx Drama Silly Sex and Sexuality Graphic Violence Adventure Exploration Provocative

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