Kitchen Rush

Kitchen Rush
  • Fri Oct 12, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Jesse Salomon
  • Kitchen Rush
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“You’ve just inherited an old restaurant and you must turn it into a successful business! Hire personnel, order the right ingredients and be ready to serve the customers that enter your restaurant. The success will depend entirely on your efficiency in the kitchen!” — BoardGameGeek

Kitchen Rush is a fully cooperative worker placement game for 1-4 players. It is played in real time (the game has 4 rounds, each of which lasts 4 minutes), but has untimed planning phases between each round for players to discuss their thoughts and strategies going forward. During the game, players will use their workers (represented by hourglasses) to seat customers, take or serve orders, shop for ingredients, wash dishes, and prepare meals – with an overall goal to serve enough orders (to satisfy the steady flow of customers), earn enough points (from more complex orders), and raise enough money (to keep your restaurant afloat).

Kitchen Rush takes roughly 20-30 minutes to teach/set up, and another 30-ish minutes to play (16 minutes of timed gameplay, and a variable amount of time spent planning, depending on the players at the table).

Tags: Comical, Light, Silly

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