Kickstarting Your TTRPG, Tips & Tricks from A to Z

Banana Chan, Noxweiler Ignatius Berf, Jamie Van Doren, Michelle Nguyen Bradley, Markeia McCarty
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Date: Apr 1
2:10pm (duration 00:50)
A panel of POC and other professionals from all sides of the TTRPG industry as we share our experiences and advice on how to take on the Kickstarter BBEG...and win! (...or live to fight another day)


Banana Chan (she/they/he) is a Cantonese Canadian game designer, writer and publisher living in the US. Her latest work has been on Deimos Academy, Exquisite Crime, Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall, Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft and Betrayal at House on the Hill: 3rd Edition. They go to bed with their Dicebreaker Awards' Game Designer of the Year 2022 and 2 Silver ENnie Awards.

Noxweiler Ignatius Berf (he/they/it): Raised in the woods somewhere in the mid-western United States, rumors circulate about the origins of this strange cryptid. They are current living in Los Angeles—though they hate the weather—and work as the Creative Director of Hunters Entertainment.

Jamie Van Doren (he/him) is the Founder/CEO of NeverEnding. They're building digital storytelling tools where you can create character images, digital comics of your adventures, even make animated versions of your characters and NPCs for streaming. He and his team recently launched a successful Kickstarter, Anansi's Tapestry of Lives. With the help of some of the best creatives in the TTRPG space, they're producing a book of richly detailed, fully illustrated NPCs and other content you can drop into your games.

Michelle Nguyen Bradley (she/they) is a producer, show host, voice actor, writer & professional TTRPG player, currently producing the new Tabletop News weekly show, now on Kickstarter! As a show & event producer, Michelle has a decade of experience creating immersive event experiences & creating exciting content for clients like ID@Xbox & /TwitchGaming. As a TTRPG actor, Michelle’s best known roles are: Kiếm on VtM: New York by Night, Hoa Sen on Critical Role & Moogin on Idle Champions. Michelle has also hosted & has MCed for Anime Expo's Main Stage, FunimationCon, brand launches & more for over a decade. Find her work at and on socials at @iamchubbybunny.


Markeia McCarty (she/they) is the Community Director for the Indy game company Hunters Entertainment (Alice Is Missing, Kids On Bikes) and is also a main cast actor in their long-running Outbreak Undead saga on Twitch, continuing its next season this fall on Pixel Circus. As a professional GM and TTRPG player they’ve created and/or played in numerous horror campaigns across various channels. With the latest being a live Misfits and Magic collaboration (coming soon to Dimension20!) and being an actor in The Day Shift, the Hunter The Reckoning campaign for World of Darkness and Renegade Game Studios.

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