• Sat Oct 15, 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Arnold Cassell
  • Sea Dracula
  • All Ages
  • Cut/Break, Open Door policy
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A terrible crime has been committed in Animal City, but FEAR NOT!
The talking animal lawyers of the Animal City Legal System are here to dance the dance of Justice for the sake of us all.
We need Lawyers, Witnesses, Jurors, dance partners, a court room sketch artist, a dj, a bailiff, and maybe a bouncer.

Will there be dancing? YOU BET!
Will there be costumes? or puppets? ONLY IF YOU BRING THEM! (please do, that would be super cool)

* This game focuses heavily on “yes and” play.
* All dancing will be celebrated! No judging or being mean!
* We will be using Moldvay OSR rules for this court case, so check your encumbrance and remember to mind the movement grid.

Tags: Adventure, All ages, Collaborative, Comical, Fantasy, Hijinx, Investigation, Modern

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