Jedi Blackbird

  • Fri Oct 14, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • John Aegard
  • Lady Blackbird
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It is a time of troubles for the Jedi Knights. The peace and prosperity of the Republic have made the Order complacent. The Dark Side is everywhere.

NOW, word has arrived from the Outer Rim that the renegade padawan ORDO VALLUS has established a holdfast on the junk planet of KONDU.

The Jedi Council has hastily dispatched three Jedi Knights aboard the starship BLACKBIRD. Their mission: to bring Vallus back to the Jedi Temple, where he will stand trial for his crimes.

Play Jedi as they were meant to be played in this hack of the acclaimed free RPG Lady Blackbird!

Tags: Sci-Fi star wars,old republic, all jedi

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