It Was Never Yours: Playtest

It Was Never Yours: Playtest
  • Sun Oct 13, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Basheer Ghouse
  • It Was Never Yours
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In the dark future of 2020, England has finally been forced to go through with Brexit. The resulting economic crash has devastated Britain, resulted in the breakup of the United Kingdom, and caused a minor worldwide financial crisis.

Now England is alone, loathed, and crippled. Vulnerable, in a way it has not been since William the Norman stormed its shores. What is terror for the British crown is opportunity for you, for the British have been pirates and plunderers for hundreds of years. They still have artifacts stolen from across the world, things they never truly owned, and it is now time for them to be returned to their rightful owners.

As the English have decided not to do so willingly, you have been tasked with facilitating the matter.

This will be a one-shot game based around stealing back the Gweagal Shield for the aboriginal peoples of Australia. Character outlines will be provided, though identifying information is up to the definition of the player.

The game is a playtest and is still in development. As such I will be welcoming feedback after the game ends.

Tags: Adventure, Comical, Espionage, Hijinx, Modern, Strong storyline

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