Introductory Larp Writing Workshop – Write A Larp in 4 Hours

  • Sat Oct 17, 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • J Li
  • LARP creation
  • All ages
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Never written a larp before? This workshop will help you get started. And finished. And then you’ll get the chance to run your game immediately on Sunday.

Join us for a fast and practical deep dive into the medium that is creating games out of live human interaction! Whether you bring a game you’ve already thought about or generate a new idea on the spot, you’ll be designing, choosing, and typing like mad for four hours.

Afterwards, those who wish to will run their completed game for an enthusiastic audience on Sunday morning.

(Those who have a more complicated game in mind are welcome to either come and make partial progress, or write up a simpler version for immediate playtesting.)

Laptop required.

(Note: Signing up for this event does not count against your sign up quota)

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4 comments to Introductory Larp Writing Workshop – Write A Larp in 4 Hours

  • J

    Oops! Sorry, somehow I was really convinced I had responded.

    1) Nope, you definitely want a computer because you will be writing madly and tablet typing will be way too slow 🙂

    2) Dropping in later is definitely welcome! It’s a hands-on workshop, so you may miss some initial content, but you can pick up from the middle.

  • I will probably have to take an emergency call around the start time of the game if not a bit before. I was wondering if it is too disruptive to show up later or if I should just bow out?

    I see that Danielle didn’t get a reply so maybe I can drop by before the LARP to ask?

    If the call ends up being long I will just not show up if I don’t see a reply here.

    Sorry. I cannot get out of this call. I tried twice on Friday to do so.

  • Danielle Goudeau

    Is a tablet we can type into google docs on acceptable instead of a laptop?

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