Into the Woods

Into the Woods
  • Sat Oct 12, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • April Padilla
  • Kagematsu
  • Adult Themes
  • X-card, Open Door policy
  • 570 (22)
  • 4
  • 2 of 6
  • Created at the table


Your small village has been cursed by a witch — and all of the men have vanished! Every hour that passes it seems as though the woods surrounding you are growing darker and more threatening. That giant beanstalk growing up towards the sky won’t bring anything good, you know that much. What you need is a protector, someone to save your village from being squashed beneath “something”s enormous foot. Luckily for you, a strapping Huntsman arrives … but he says he’s just passing through. Can you convince him to stay and slay the giant?

A fairy tale hack of Kagematsu based on the musical Into the Woods.

Tags: Adventure, Collaborative, Fantasy, Provocative, Romance, Sex and Sexuality romance, fantasy violence, fairy tale characters

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