Into The Woods

  • Sat Oct 5, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Lalita Devi
  • A Penny For My Thoughts
  • Fairytale
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Practically a Big Bad Con tradition at this point, the fairy godmother beckons you to come Into The Woods. In the deep dark woods, there are stories of true love, wealth, magic, fame, power… But also loss, betrayal, pain, and death.

Players will collaboratively tell four fairytales, each player taking turns to tell their story with the support and inspiration of the others.

Because all material is generated in-play by the group, this game has the potential to be all-ages or very adult with potentially triggering themes. This will be explicitly discussed as a group at the beginning of play, with an opportunity for players to reach boundary agreements.

Tags: Collaborative, Fantasy, Play to find out, Rotating authority, Strong storyline

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  • Michael Garcia

    Lalita Devi introduced me to Penny when it first came out. Though this is a “GM-less” game her guidance and input will only enrich your experience. My two favorite Penny for my thoughts stories come out two times she ran it for me. A great game for storytellers. Don’t miss it.

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