Indigenous Representation in Tabletop Gaming

Connor Alexander, Logan Boese, Tali Inlow, Sadekaronhes
  • Panel
  • Practicum
Date: Mar 31
6:10pm (duration 00:50)
A panel of four Native Americans, all with different backgrounds in gaming, from writing to art to actual plays, will discuss what got them into the hobby, what they like in terms of representation, where improvements can be made and how non-Natives can be more cognizant of inaccurate portrayals of Indigenous people in gaming media - and beyond into television, film and video games.


Connor Alexander (he/him) is the creator of Coyote & Crow the RPG, and the owner of Coyote & Crow Games, a game company dedicated to raising the voices of Native Americans in the hobby

Logan Boese (he/him) is a Writer, Editor, Gamesmith, and Storyteller descended from the Apsáalooke Tribe. He is a regular contributor to A Tribe Called Geek and is serving as the lead Storyguide for Coyote and Crow.

Tali Inlow (she/her) is an Indigiqueer writer of fantastical nonsense. She loves horror movies but rarely remembers to look over her own shoulder. By day, she is a healthcare professional with the federal government. By night, she gives writing a go. Always, she is a wife to Bridget and cat-mom to Porch Kitty, Hazel, and Cha-Cha. Tali’s stories are full of speculative settings and queer stuff. Bridget says she loves causing her characters pain, and Tali figures that to be pretty accurate. A member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, Tali celebrates her Native heritage by lifting up other Indigenous voices and participating in efforts to decolonize spaces like the SFF and TTRPG worlds.

Sadekaronhes Esquivel (no pronouns/any) is Kanyen’kehà:ka/ Mexican Indigenous/Bulgarian who’s maternal family is from Tyendinaga Mohawk Reserve. He currently resides in the Duwamish homelands of Seattle. He comes from a family of artists, writers, beaders, painters, regalia crafters. Sadekaronhes uses the digital illustration and games to craft worlds and stories.

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