Improv for Larpers

  • Sun Oct 16, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Karen Twelves
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Improv for Gamers is back with a brand new workshop!

As a gamer you may have heard that improv is closely tied to role-playing, especially in narrative-based games. It’s true! Improv theater uses many skills that can be applied to gaming to make your game rock for both players and GMs.

In our newest, third workshop in the series, we will be exploring skills that are applicable to larping such as status, relationships, managing scenes with 3+ people, and working with invisible objects.

Improv and/or larping experience is strongly recommended. This workshop is for people who are comfortable being in the spotlight and familiar with improv basics.

This workshop involves both standing and physical movement, though can be modified as needed in the moment. Please wear comfortable shoes and bring a bottle of water.

Tags: Collaborative, Comical, Drama, Explosions, Light, Play to find out

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