Improv for GMs

Improv for GMs
  • Sat Oct 14, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Karen Twelves
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  • California A (Workshop)
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Improvisational acting teaches many skills that can make your game rock, like enthusiastic collaboration, creating dynamic stories and characters, making bold choices, and taking narrative risks.

But it’s not just for players! In this workshop we’ll be doing some fun and easy improv exercises to practice GM skills like world building, pacing and cutting scenes, and working together as an ensemble to share focus. Be prepared to be in the spotlight!

We recommend that participants have a little familiarity with improv already, as we’ll be exploring past the basics. Did you take our “Improv for Gamers” workshop last year? Or that one class in college? Or how about Friday night’s Improv for Role-Players? Cool, consider yourself leveled up!

Find out more about the “Improv for Gamers” workshop series at

Please note that while the workshop typically involves a fair amount of physical movement, all exercises can be modified as needed to accommodate any mobility needs. Bring a bottle of water, we’re going to make some noise!

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