Illegal Gods: The DRS Meihem

  • Sat Oct 15, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Meera Barry
  • Illegal Gods v0.86 (Playtest)
  • Adult Themes
  • X-card, Cut/Break, Open Door policy
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“Did we get them all?”
“All? No. We got what they gave us.”
“But the ones in charge?”
“We’ll never know. I…think we got some of the worst.”
“Let us pray.”

In its prime the Human Science Exploration League was a shining example of progress. Brilliant, imaginative, and well-funded, their inventions helped define the age of colonization. It was their technology that brought more protean methods of faster than light travel, destroying the reliance on spice pilots and smartships. Their studies broke the back of the Pure Humanist movement, leaving only small islands of enforced Purity in the Dominion of Old Earth.

You might even remember seeing the “JOIN THE HSEL” posters when you were a kid, especially if you or your family hung out on Kumo before the Hyperdrive Experiment went haywire like a hrung collapse.

After Kumo, the posters read “Experimentation” rather than “Exploration.” His Most Glorious and Ardent Imperial Majesty shone His Light into the dark corners of the HSEL, revealing their fiendish methodologies. The leaders were executed. The darkness ran so deep there is still a bounty for anyone who worked at the HSEL, be they custodian, receptionist, or scientist.

All you need to do is inform the Sisters of Eternal Solicitude of your suspicions. Hah. Hahahahah.

Okay, maybe not while you’re bound to this particular mission.

The Sisters are pretty busy. Small gods are being moved onto the frontier planets, far from the wars being held by the major players in the inner system. God Merchants make deals to take the family legacies to places where they can continue to be believed, from household gods, tooth fairies and closet monsters, to the Mmu8k’s peaceful cupid-like “combers.” (Mmu8k are covered in fur.) Soul Jockeys protect the heroes, adepts, avatars, and other special psyches marked for reincarnation or resurrection. Not to mention all the other hazards of living on the frontier, like space pirates, special agents of His Most Ardent and Glorious Self, aliens, telepaths, wizards, robots, and the occasional mad scientist.

You are a passenger on a cruise liner that skirts Dominion Space. Two hours ago the lights went out, as did the whine of the oxygen recyclers. The background music faded and the emergency systems began their unpleasant warnings.

Ten minutes ago, a voice came over the comm. “The Dominion Registered Ship Meihem is currently in regular space near the our first scheduled stop. We have reasons to believe that a member of the controversial scientific organization known as H. S. E. L. is aboard the DRS Meihem. If you are that individual and you surrender peacefully, you may seek the Sisters’ Mercy. If you intend to resist, we will pass judgment unto His Ardent and Glorious Self without the benefit of trial. To our legitimate passengers, we apologize for the inconvenience. We will attempt to make this violation of your sanctity as quick and sanitary as possible. We request that you please return to your cabins for the duration of this unpleasant experience. Thank you for flying with us!”

Something has gone terribly wrong. For one thing, the doors are locked, and you’re stuck with these four others in one of the dining halls. There’s smoke filling the corridors near where your cabins lie. Help may be on its way, but you still have something to get done.

Characters will be pregenerated. Characters include:

Mack “The Lizard” Jack – here for a little R&R from the last assignment, but one’s special skills should never go without a little workout, right?

Dr. Reednough – an ambassador from a three-quarters frozen planet around a dark red star they’d rather no one really remember well.

Luscious Lucille (or, if male, Gorgeous George) – a sexbot in the employ of the cruise ship.

Huli Jing – a God Merchant hiding the fourth most dangerous cargo in the galaxy, depending on how you count it.

Who-Spoke-And-Is-Now-Silent – a monk geas’d to silence by His Most Ardent and Glorious Self, with very interesting paperwork.

Any adult themes are likely mild, but your personal tolerance for blasphemy may vary. Reference to immoral human experimentation, some slavery, assassination, and questions about the morality regarding robotic sex work may come up in passing but are not foci of the existing storyline.

Tags: Adventure, Collaborative, Fantasy, Intrigue, Investigation, Light, Play to find out, Player antagonism, Potentially triggering*, Provocative, Sci-Fi, Sex and Sexuality, Strong storyline, Suspenseful paladins need not apply, only as dark as you make it, space opera

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