Hot Pudding!!

  • Fri Oct 17, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Christopher Ory
  • HoL
  • Adult Themes
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Description: Hōly crap! Big Bad Con 8974 is going to be the best con ever!!…sooo good… Like, go back home to Gygax 4 (The Basement Planet) and toss your little swimmers all over a poster of Shadowcat in a MyLittlePony two-piece bathing suit, good*. You have your bag of fudge dice, your tooth caps, and your cool fez, but you still don’t quite understand why, with all the choice locales in the C.O.W (Confederation of Worlds), Imperial Con-Sultan, Sean Nittner XLVII chose to hold this year’s convention on HōL. I mean there is only one Church & Munch on the whole shucky-darn planet…. and it’s crawling with Fleshtenders and Sodomy Bikers! (Not to mention the infestation of those little gooey, but delicious, wastem creatures.) Oh well, the risk of a little forced [CENSORED] and dismemberment isn’t going to stop you from winning Big Bad GM this year! Time to go pick up a suitcase, some padlocked underwear, and a jumpslug ticket…you are heading to HōL!

* If you are of the female persuasion, exchange this sentence with “Like, go back home to Tennant 7 (The hair-like-an-angel planet), and make the little girl in the boat squeal while rereading that story you wrote about Edward and Benedict Cumberbatch in nothing but a Jayne beanie, good” ….or mix and match euphemisms depending on preference.

Tags: Adult themes, Adventure, Alternate History, Apocalyptic, Combat, Comical, Dark, Espionage, Fantasy, Gore, Graphic Violence, Horror, Intrigue, Military, Modern, Noir, PG-13, Play to find out, Potentially triggering*, Provocative, Pulp, Romance, Sci-Fi, Sex and Sexuality, Spy, Super Powers

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