Honor Bound

Honor Bound
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  • Honor Bound
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Honor Bound, by Randy Lubin and Jason Morningstar of Bully Pulpit Games, explores honor culture and masculinity through the lens of an old fashioned duel. The game starts just after a challenge is issued and follows the duelists, seconds, doctor, and judge as they struggle to de-escalate a fraught situation in a society that values reputation above all else.

Dress or costume is not required but it is encouraged. The more formal the better; a contemporary jacket and tie will go a long way to reinforce the themes at play. The character names are broken into color (Golding, Chestnut, Moss) and monochrome (Blackwell, Steele, Frost) based on their affinities; players can wear matching colors to make these positions clear.

What is Honor Culture?

In societies with honor cultures, one’s public reputation is their most important asset. It is essential to adhere to etiquette; insults are treated gravely and may result in duel. If one were thought to lack honor, they would be ostracized from their community: socially and professionally.

What is Posting?

In the context of this game, posting is the prominent announcement of someone’s fall from social grace due to declining a duel, withdrawing from a duel, or issuing a craven apology to avoid a duel. One subject to a posting would be frozen out of polite society.

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