Historical European Martial Arts with Foam Weapons

Historical European Martial Arts with Foam Weapons
  • Thu Oct 10, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Jim Liebich
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Foam Weapon Historical European Martial Arts, AKA: Foam Weapon HEMA, is great for anyone who loves playing with swords! Whether your interest lies in the history of European marital arts, LARPing, or just having fun battles with safe, lightweight foam weapons, this class has got you covered. We teach real historical techniques and skills so that you can take what you learn into whatever activity you love best and have more fun with it.

Instructor Jim Liebich teaches this basic class. No experience necessary. This is meant to be a short introduction, and the focus is on simple, beginner martial arts skills and technique rather than any particular game system.

All ages and abilities welcome. This activity is accessible-friendly. A signed waiver is required to participate. Physical movement and exercise are a part of the class, so be sure to dress comfortably, preferably as you would for a workout. Anyone may bow out at any time for any reason. Observers are welcome.

Tags: Adventure, Alternate History, Combat, Fantasy, Light, Military, Player antagonism Fun, Physical, 1v1, Team -vs- Team, Questions welcome, Observers welcome, Historical

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