Heroes of the Hearth

Heroes of the Hearth
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  • Heroes of the Hearth
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Heroes of the Hearth
by Stiainín Jackson

Do you see them? Off in the distance? The heroes – the ‘adventuring party’. A thief, a fighter, a cleric, a mage – that’s the story, they’re off to do battle against some terrible threat. They’ll defend the villages by the way. They’ll fight fearsome beasts. They’ll find great and awesome treasure. And at the end of it … well, I guess they’ll go home?

Because every adventurer has a place that they’re from, and every adventurer has people that know them – many are lucky enough to have people that love them. Those people have stories too – what is their home like? How do they feel when their loved ones are off doing battle? What do they do in the face of this threat and how do they move on with their lives?

This game is about those stories and those people. They are the heroes of the hearth.

This is a collaborative storytelling game. There are pre-made characters to choose from to give a starting point for the story, but where it goes from there is up to us to decide. The game tends towards less action and more focus on interpersonal relationships.

This game is one of several in an anthology titled Seven Wonders.

Tags: Collaborative, Drama, Fantasy, GM-less

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