Hellcats & Hockeysticks

  • Sun Oct 7, 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • John Kim
  • Hellcats & Hockeysticks
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St. Erisian’s school has stood for over a hundred years and survived war, plague, famine, demonic attack, strange explosions in the science block and countless attempts to get it closed. To be fair, not _ALL_ of these disasters were the fault of the students… As the headmistress says, “At many schools, the girls are left unprepared for the cold, cruel world. At St. Erisian’s, it is the cold cruel world which must be prepared for our girls.”

This is a session of mayhem in the spirit of the St. Trinians movies, using the Hellcats & Hockeysticks system – billed as “the role-playing game of chaos, anarchy, and decidedly unladylike behavior.” Characters are upper class girls at the strange and infamous St. Erisian’s boarding school, and will be created using templates either in advance or in the session. cf. http://www.darkshire.net/jhkim/rpg/hellcatsandhockeysticks/


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