Goth Court

Antonio Morton
  • All Ages
  • LARP
System: Improvisational Comedic Satire
Date: Oct 28 8:00pm (4 hours)
Spaces: 12
Attendee/Player Age: 13+
Safety Tools: Open Door Policy, Other
Characters: Provided
Goth Court is a comedic satire LARP about gothic justice inspired by reality TV shows like The Peoples Court, Judge Judy, and Jerry Springer. Participants will take turns as judge, court officers, plaintiffs, defendants, witnesses, and rowdy court observers arguing over petty disputes between Norms and Goths.

We will participate in several improv theatre games to warm up and start the game.
Tags: Player antagonism Light Collaborative Rotating authority Silly Freeform Hijinx Improv Comical

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