Go Where!

Go Where!
  • Sat Oct 12, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Bob Johnston
  • Stargate RPG (d20)
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You are members of SG-15 and 16, teams formed to do off-world exploration for Stargate Command (SGC), a U.S. Air Force Program. This program uses an alien device to travel to other worlds; this “Stargate” uses alien technology to create “controlled” wormholes through space to other Stargates.

General Hammond, leader of the SGC, has ordered the destruction of an alien artifact brought back to earth by a SG team. The device has been labeled the “Quantum Mirror.”

This “Mirror” is capable of transferring individuals to alternate realities. Due to potential threats and the problems:

  • It has no controller;
  • It could and has allowed individuals from an alternate reality to infiltration our reality;
  • If an individual from two different realities is in the same reality, one of them will begin
    to suffer an internal disruption of their cells, this has been called “entropic cascade

Hammond has declared the device to dangerous to be allowed to continue to exist or to fall into other’s hands. You Team is presently at Area 51, overseeing and assisting with this “destruction” operation.

The Area 51 science team, occasionally lead by a Rodney McKay (when he deems it necessary to look in on you), recently exposed, the typically covered (shielded) “Mirror’s” surface.
McKay has left a detailed procedure for your group to follow. If there are any problems he has left the adjustment of the remainder of the operations to your group. McKay & team have left the facility. You overheard McKay say they were going to work on another, more interesting project. All attempt to contact them have failed.

Of course, things were supposed to proceed rapidly at this point, but due to an error in the height of one of the pieces the process has been extended while retro-fitting of the parts occurs. Going through channels, you have had the destruction “officially” postponed for a week, by the base’s Commanding Officer, Lt. Col Maybourne.

Maybourne is of the opinion that it is safe to leave the Mirror’s surface uncovered for the short term. His justification is, “Since the last time anyone used the mirror from another reality was half a year ago and before that it had been in the Area 51 for a year and a half, it is entirely unlikely that any events could occur.” In his arrogance, Maybourne, on his way out, has even suggested that everyone could just go home if they wanted!

What is your team going to do? The “Mirror’s” surface is no longer shielded and you think the normally dull surface of the de-activated “Mirror” just started to flicker… and show an image that is not a reflection of your location!

Previous knowledge of role playing and the Stargate movie or TV series are NOT required. As the GM, I will endeavor to make the game enjoyable and comfortable for the players.
Newcomers are always welcomed in my games! This d20 game is based on D&D 3.0 using modified rules for this genre. It will combine dramatic action, combat, puzzles & intrigue with background music, miniatures, miniatures movement, and special terrain for this roleplay game.

Stargate D20 is a science fiction/fantasy-based game. This adventure takes place in the near present of the TV series’ third season. The game system will be quickly taught. This event will be open to all levels of players. All players will start with a playtested character. Additionally, IF YOU WOULD LIKE, you can come in any appropriate costume or costume piece (military cap, scientist smock, camouflage pants, etc.) Doing so will be rewarded within the game system.

Tags: Adventure, Aliens, Alternate History, Collaborative, Comical, Emotional, Exploration, Fantasy, Investigation, Light, Military, Mystery, Play to find out, Sci-Fi, Spy, Strong storyline, Suspenseful

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  • Bob Johnston

    Just to let you know if you are considering this game:
    If most of the players that show up are not familiar with the genre, I will change the game to a not involve anything but the first 4 minutes of the “Stargate” movie which I will show at the introduction of the game. This adjusted game will take place in 1928-1929 New York City. The system is a modified d20 (D&D version 3.0).

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