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  • Sat Oct 14, 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Kate Baker, Mickey Schulz, Nadja Otikor
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Got a problem player?  Got yourself worked into a corner plot-wise and can’t figure out how to move on?  How do you keep players engaged in a long campaign?  Our panel of GMs will listen to your problems and give it their best shot.  (Please keep questions short and to the point.) Kate Baker, Mickey Schulz, Nadja Otikor. Saturday at 8pm.

Note: You don’t need to sign up ahead of time. Just come in and take any seat available.

KateBaker_sqKate Baker played her first tabletop RPG about five years ago and stopped wanting to do anything else. As a local Venture Agent for Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society Organized Play, she frequently runs games at stores and conventions. Kate is also a freelance writer for game content, and she was a recent co-winner of the Green Ronin Lost Citadel Talent Search.

MickeySchulz_sqMickey Schulz is a Geek Blogger with (lots) more than 10 years experience running SF/F conventions and games. She blogs at about gaming, comics, movies, TV and books, from a feminist perspective. She has also taught Safer Sex classes for people re-entering the dating scene. She lives in the Seattle area with several fish, three cats, two housemates, one dog, and one husband. She is a firm believer in the Oxford Comma.

NadjaOtikorNadja “Tristarae” Otikor is a GM and Twitch streamer both on her personal channel and for misscliks. You can find her old games Prophecy and Apocalypse World: Countdown on YouTube and play in some of her rad games this year at Big Bad Con!

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