Adam Kenney
  • LARP
System: Freeform
Date: Oct 1
2:00pm (duration 4:00)
Room: 7031 (38)
Spaces: 6
Attendee/Player Age: 18+
Safety Tools: Open Door Policy, Other
Characters: Created at the table
"Tonight the dead may seek to live again. But the night is short and the path back will not be easy. May I guide them skillfully as the Eagle, Crow, and Owl watch over them. Welcome to my campfire, Ghosts who seek life!"

You are a ghost wandering in limbo with little memory of your life. You've been drawn to a mysterious campfire because you're unhappy with the course that your life took. In order to reinvent yourself and return to life, you must first recall the life you lived and your past misfortune. With the help of the Guide and the other ghosts, you'll forge relationships, make choices, and commit to a great sacrifice in order to create a better life before the third Watch ends.

Ghosts is a live-action roleplaying game written by Adam Kenney and Suko Toyofuku. It's rules-light, atmospheric, and very introspective, with no pre-generated characters. You'll co-create your character and develop the setting through in-game conversations and ritual prompts.
Content Advisory!
death and dying, ritual magic, personal history of violence/poverty/emotional trauma, player-generated content (this makes it impossible to identify all potentially triggering content in advance). If you have any questions about specific content that may come up in this LARP, please contact the email provided.

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Date: Oct 1
2:00pm (duration 4:00)
Spaces: 6

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