Gaming with the Next Generation

  • Sat Oct 13, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Sean Nittner, Meguey Baker, Jonaya Kemper, Julia B. Ellingboe
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So how do we bring up and foster the next generation of gamers? Our panel of parents and people who run games for kids talk about what they do to engage and interest kids in the world of role-playing.

Sean Nittner started gaming at age 12 and the first character he played was a gnome hostage being carried around in a large sack. It’s only gone downhill from there.

Sean loves gathering with old and new friends to tell stories, to make each other laugh, and to surprise each other. The only thing that eclipses this joy is bringing other people together to do the same.

Meguey Baker been a gamer since she was a little kid in the 70s, and has been gaming ever since. She designs games that are accessible to folks who have never played a role-playing game before, provide great story quickly, and fit in a life that’s full of other things. Her games have been playtested extensively in schools and library summer programs for teens, as well as at gaming conventions and in gaming groups of adults.

Jonaya Kemper is an Elizabeth, New Jersey-born badass activist, artist, educator, designer, writer, and games scholar who looks at larp as a means of liberation for people of marginalized identities. Her work often involves the themes of intersectionality, storytelling, and autoethnography as a means to create more inclusive futures and explore a more diverse past.

Her game design and world building work can be seen in #Feminism, Undying, as well as in the pages of John Wick’s Presents: 7th Sea. As an experienced early childhood educator, Jonaya has facilitated workshops focusing on larp with young children, constructivism, and their ability to transform lives through empowerment and create resilience.

Julia Bond Ellingboe is a freelance writer of fiction, RPGs, and larps. Some of her recent work includes supplemental material for Lovecraftesque and MASKS, a short larp in the games anthology #Feminism, Cady Stanton’s Candyland, a game about a sex toy party in a 1970s-era feminist bookstore (co-written with Kat Jones), and short stories in several anthologies from Stone Skin Press and Broken Eye Books. Her current big project is rewriting and finally publishing Tales of the Fisherman’s Wife.

By day, Julia is a Human Resources Manager & Communications Specialist for a social justice organization, where she’s introduced her coworkers to games such as Fall of Magic and A Crow Funeral.


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