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Games on Demand
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Games on Demand is an area with tables, material and a constant supply of GMs prepared to run a variety of independent and cutting edge games just as soon as you can present them with a group of players who are interested in playing them.

It is, in short, your source for the game you want, when you want it!

Why is it?

Slots fill up, or their scheduling is impossible for you, or you just plain didn’t know about cool games like 3:16, Apocalypse World, or Microscope before you got to Big Bad Con and heard people buzzing about them. These things happen, but it would be a shame if you couldn’t count on some spontaneous fun in Little Red’s cabin.

Games on Demand lets us all be spontaneous. Want a game of Polaris?  Play a game of Polaris! Have an unexpected dead spot in your schedule? Satisfy your craving for immediate gratification by popping around and seeing what people are trying to gather players for.

Sign ups?

There are no advance sign ups for Games on Demand, just stop by Boardroom five and let them know who you are and what you want to play. Games will be running in two hour increments.

Games on Demand GMs:

Jason Morningstar, Jesse Burneko, Randy Randy Randy F*** (Randy Davenport), Edmund Metheny, Hamish Cameron, Jeremy Tidwell, Alan Hodges, Noam Rosen, Joey Richards, Justin Evans, Andrew Linstrom, Oliver Northrup, and more

Systems being offered so far

Technoir, Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple, Hell For Leather, Dungeon World, Apocalypse World, Monsterhearts, The Regiment, Companions, Fiasco, Durance, Hollowpoint, 3:16, Mouse Guard, Polaris, Microscope, Love in the Time of Seid, Until We Sink, Wildlings, Savage World, Ghost/Echo, Leverage, Prime Time Adventures, Lady Blackbird, A Penny For My Thoughts, Spirit of the Century, Iron Kingdoms, The Sprawl, Monster of the Week, Psi*Run, Zorcerer of Zo, vs Outlaws, Dust Devil, Hollow Earth Expedition, Burning Wheel,  octaNe, Dragon Age, Sorcerer, My Life with Master, Dirty Secrets, One Can Have Her, Mistborn, Fantasy Craft, and Zombie Cinema.

Extra Bonus – Awesome Props

Andrew Linstrom’s Savage Worlds will feature Legos. The end is nigh!

Extra Bonus – Companions Playtest

While he’s on shift Jeremy Tidwell, author of the Dr. Who Apocalypse World hack Companions, will be giving everyone a chance to try out the Agent, the Touchstone, the Wiz and more. Get your TARDIS on!


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