Games on Demand: Saturday 9am-1pm

Ian Brown, Marc Hobbs, Victor Lane, Yann K., Pam Punzalan
  • All Ages
  • GoD
  • RPG
Date: Oct 29 9:00am (4 hours)
Attendee/Player Age:
Safety Tools: Varies by game
Don't have any games scheduled but want to play something? Stop by the Big Bad Games On Demand! Games start every two hours (with a break around 1PM and 6PM) in the Sequoia Room.

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2-hr games (9-11am, 11am-1pm)

GM: Marc Hobbs

No Boundaries
System: No Boundaries
Player Age: 13+

A story game about dysfunctional relationships in retail hell. Unstable people dealing with the slog of a low-paying retail or food service job, where every worker is little more than a replaceable cog in a slowly-rusting machine—funny, yet poignant.

Fedora Noir
System: Fedora Noir
Player Age: 13+

Create the story of a flawed private investigator in the style of a film noir. Players take on the roles of the Detective, their Partner, their Flame – and their Hat.

4-hr games (9-1pm)


GM: Victor Lane

Slugblaster: Into the Slugverse
System: Slugblaster
Player Age: 18+

In the small town of Hillview, teenage hoverboarders sneak into other dimensions to explore, film tricks, go viral, and get away from the problems at home. It’s dangerous. It’s stupid. It’s got parent groups in a panic. And it’s the coolest thing ever. This is Slugblaster. A table-table rpg about teenage-hood, giant bugs, circuit-bent rayguns, and trying to be cool.

Murder in Cougar Town
System: Brindlewood Bay
Player Age: 18+

Follow along as the Murder Mavens visit the Brindlewood Cougar Sanctuary. Little do they know that murder awaits them! Can they solve the case before the Sheriff takes over? Will they survive the night?

Brindlewood Bay is a Powered by the Apocalypse game with a creative and cooperative mystery mechanic. The mystery has no set answer. Instead, the players will search for clues and develop their own theory. When they roll to crack the case we'll find out if the theory is correct!

GM: Ian Brown

Wildsea - The Missing Ingredient
System: The Wildsea
Player Age: 18+

n the leafy waves of the world-spanning sea of vegetation, it's easy for things to get lost. At port, you hear that a vital component for an imminent festival never arrived and the organizer is paying double for a replacement! Gather your crew, rev up your chainsaw ship, and go find one!

Dialect - Thieves' Cant
System: Dialect
Player Age: 18+

"At night, this town belongs to us... the trick is hiding in plain sight." Develop a coded language as members of a criminal crew, then watch it mutate and die out as the crew disintegrates.

Band of Blades
System: Forged in the Dark
Player Age: 18+

When the horde of undead arose, the forces of the living banded together to meet them in a great battle... and lost. Your once-great Legion now has only one hope, to retreat to the mountains where you might be able to buy humanity precious time. (We'll be using one of the starting missions from the book)

Fall of Magic
System: Fall of Magic
Player Age: 18+

Magic is dying, and the Magus is dying with it. We travel together to the realm of Umbra where magic was born. We'll plot our course across a large physical scroll mapping our path to Umbra and answer prompts to find out what happens on our journey.

GM: Yann K.

System: Libreté (PbtA)
Player Age: 13+

You are lost children, surviving in a rainy parallel city. Will you find your way to Libreté, the last keep of the kids. And escape the terrorizing "Sirains", who feed on your fears. Demo kit of the game from Vivien Feasson, following "Lost in the Rain".

Fall of magic
System: Fall of magic
Player Age: 13+

You are companions of the Magus, and make your way on an old scroll map to find the origin of the magic. This is a narrative collaborative game, on sumptuous material, from Ross Cowman.

GM: Pam Punzalan

New Navathem's End
Navathem's End (PbtA)
Player Age: 18+

Play Agents of the Tower, an organization established in a world constantly assaulted by the End of Days. You may or may not be haunted by the legacies of the heroes who came before you, across the last 800 years.

Sundo: We, Once Mortal
Sundo: We, Once Mortal (PbtA)
Player Age: 18+

Play psychopomps, charged with guiding the souls of the dead to where they're supposed to be, or help them with their unfinished business before they turn their grief into ire for the living. By the way: you don't know that you were once mortal too. Involves communal world building.
Tags: Melancholy

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