Games on Demand: Sunday 2-6pm

Games on Demand: Sunday 2-6pm
  • Sun Oct 15, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Monte Lin, Aaron Reed, Brendan Adkins, Kevin Leung
  • By GM
  • Contra Costa I (48-55)
  • 2 or 4 Hour


Don’t have any games scheduled but want to play something? Stop by the Big Bad Games On Demand! Games start every two hours (with a break around 1PM and 6PM) in Contra Costa Salon I.

Check the listing of all our awesome Games on Demand!

Sunday 2-4pm and 4-6pm (2-hr games)

leaves_1745970cGM: Brendan Adkins

System: Looseleaves

Players: 2 to 2

Player Age: 13+
Two of us are leaves. One of us is the wind. The leaves are masked, beautiful, deadly, and skilled beyond human ken. The wind is full of tricks and eddies; it cannot stop the leaves, only shape their path. Together, the three of us will take turns in a question-and-answer game until we have found what we’re looking for, and have written a poem together in the process. (This game is for exactly three players, and usually runs about 30-45 minutes.)

Dungeons and DragonsGM: Brendan Adkins

System: Chaotic Neutral Speed D&D

Players: 3 to 6

Player Age: 13+
No books, no editions, no lookup time. In Chaotic Neutral Speed D&D, your only task is to convince the DM that the thing you’re doing is legal according to SOME Dungeons & Dragons rule, somewhere, somewhen. Turns take under a minute when we all talk fast enough. Does that mean we can careen through the Tomb of Horrors in under two hours? Let’s find out!

Sunday 2-6pm (4-hr games)

GM: Monte LinMasks

System: Masks

Players: 3 to 5

Player Age: 13+
In Masks, you play a young superhero trying to figure out what kind of hero they are, like in the TV show Young Justice or Teen Titans, and in comics like Young Avengers and X-Men. Adults (and peers) will tell you who they think you should be, but it’s up to you to decide your path while punching, kicking, zapping, or magicking the bad guys.

We can go serious or campy, goofy or grimdark. It’s all up to you, the players, as long as we are having fun and telling awesome stories.

UrbanShadows_coverGM: Monte Lin

System: Urban Shadows

Players: 3 to 5

Player Age: 18+
In Urban Shadows, you play a member of a magical faction fighting for control of a modern city. Vampires, wizards, werewolves, faeries, and more lurk in the shadows, manipulate people and events to change the city for better or for worse.

We’ll draw inspiration from books such as Dresden Files or the Anita Blake series or television such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Grimm. We can go campy and goofy to grim and serious. It’s up to you, the players, as we build a city full of magical politics and supernatural drama.


GM: Aaron Reed

System: The Dig

Players: 3 to 6

Player Age: 13+
Take on the role of a group of dwarves banding together for a great venture: restoring a great hall, opening a new trade route, even starting a new tavern. Light-hearted, story focused: “Dwarf Fortress meets narrative RPG.”

Fullmetal President

GM: Aaron Reed

System: Fullmetal President

Players: 3 to 6

Player Age: 13+
The President and the White House senior staff don Executive Power Suits to defeat America’s enemies. Think Pacific Rim meets Veep. There will be bad puns. There will be things blowing up. There is literally a stat called Explosion Points. You get the idea.

D&D 5E coverKevin Leung

System: Dungeons & Dragons 5E

Players: 2 to 6

Player Age: 13+
Mission Impossible meets D&D. It’s your first mission as royal spies, and you will have to be crafty, sneaky, and clever to get through it. It is up to you to use your imagination to come up with the craziest ideas that might just work and improvise your way through dangers you definitely weren’t trained for.

Star Trek AdventuresKevin Leung

System: Star Trek Adventures

Players: 3 to 7

Player Age: 13+
Be the command crew of a Starfleet vessel. Experience the hard choices you have only watched on TV as you embark on your own mission. Star Trek Adventures uses the 2d20 game system from Modiphius Entertainment.

How It Works

This year we will be using a model closer to what is used at GenCon and Origins than at Go Play. Our purpose is to give players a few hours of fun while presenting games they might not be familiar with. In brief:

  • People registering to play will receive a GoD boarding pass from the host.
  • Each GM for the session will have a menu indicating the games they are offering.
  • At the start of the time block, the host will call boarding passes; we’re using a system that randomizes boarding passes while giving priority to people who have not played yet.
  • People whose boarding passes are called will pick a spot from the games that have not reached capacity at the moment.
  • GMs and their players sit down at their table and enjoy

Please swing by at least 10 minutes before games start to talk with a Games on Demand host. They can tell you more about what’s on offer and answer any questions about the games. They’ll also give you a boarding pass to get into games in the next slot.

On the hour the hosts will ask everyone to make some space and then start calling out boarding passes. When your boarding pass is called, give it to the host. You will be able to select a game from the available list.

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