Game Design Trash Fire Makeovers!

Game Design Trash Fire Makeovers!
  • Sun Oct 14, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • James Mendez Hodes, Sophie Lagacé
  • Workshop
  • Lines/Veils, Open Door policy
  • California A (Panel)
  • 4
  • 21 of 25


Have you ever thought, “Wow, I’d love to run this cool game for my friends, but I can’t because it’s unspeakably offensive”? Let’s apply game design and social justice principles to solve that problem before it starts!

In this 201-level workshop, participants practice the skills designers, writers, and sensitivity readers use to collaborate with others and create games and fiction which are both progressive and fun. We’ll go over some best practices together, then break into small groups to transform antiquated content into something beautiful and validating. Content warning for grappling with offensive materials, for example “this vampire faction is Islamophobic” or “this game’s treatment of mental illness is ableist.”

James Mendez Hodes lives in a tiny Harlem apartment full of house centipedes and stuffed animals. He works full-time as a RPG writer, but also GMs professionally for children and then makes fun of them on the Internet. His interests include hip hop (including a hip hop translation of Homer’s Iliad), West African religion, Asian classics, and martial arts. Catch James on twitter at @LulaVampiro.

Sophie Lagacé has been gaming for so long that she thinks of THAC0 as “that new-fangled acronym.” She likes playing, game-mastering, organizing, reviewing, tinkering with, and writing about tabletop games, especially role-playing games. She has written for Atlas Games, Evil Hat Productions, Generic Games, Vigilance Press, and ZombieSmith, and is currently working on game supplements for Vigilance Press and Evil Hat Productions. She also manages book projects in the Fate line for Evil Hat Productions, and in May 2018 she became the new Fate Line Developer. She blogs on games, geekdom, and her personal life at The Reef.


Image credits: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Philip Shoffner.

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