Fire and Sword: The Marks of Savage Valour

  • Sat Oct 15, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
  • Aaron Vanek
  • Songlines (Playtest)
  • Adult Themes
  • Lines/Veils, Cut/Break, Open Door policy
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Songlines is a simple RPG system that integrates music into each scene, which can involve role-playing, dice rolling, and making. No experience necessary, and all elements will be provided.

This scenario is loosely based on the revolt of Boudicca, queen of the Celtic Iceni tribe, against the Romans (A.D. 60-61).

This game has a high degree of physicality for an RPG (somewhat larp-light). Expect real world actions such as putting ash on your face before battle, holding your hand in a bucket of ice water, throwing dice into a circle, etc.

Safety is my #1 concern, but players should be aware that their bodies or clothes may get marked, wet, and they will be asked to perform dexterity-based tasks.

Potential Triggers:
This historical incident was very violent, as is this scenario.
Sexual assault will be referred to in backstory, but not described.
Your characters may die, but others characters are available for play.

Tags: Adult themes, Adventure, Alternate History, Combat, Dark, Drama, Fantasy, Gore, Graphic Violence, Potentially triggering*, Provocative, Serious

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