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Players create character in a chosen playset to create scenes in which chaos will ensue. The idea is to create a Coen brothers type movie. I will be using standard background choices, but I will include ’73 Washington DC, and L.A. Noir. I might also bring a couple of playsets that I created myself.

You will not need to bring anything except your humor and roleplaying game face.


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  • Venus De Coy

    I’m open to any of them. 😀

  • Mateo Chamberlain

    I also have Transatlantic (luxury cruise), Dallas ’63, London Ganster, Touring Rockband, 1913 New York, Golden Panda (Chinese fantasy), Dragon Slayers (midevil fantasy), and Salem 92.

    The ones I have created myself and am still working on are: Harry Potter, and Firefly.

    I will most likely not bring these in paper form unless specifically requested.

    So if you would like to use one of these backgrounds email me at: I will bring it.

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