Expanding Fantasy: Exploring the Modern Imagination

Expanding Fantasy: Exploring the Modern Imagination
  • Fri Oct 12, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • DC, Brie Sheldon, Kelsa Delphi, Lauren Bond
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A discussion about expanding the narrative fantasies applied to tabletop RPGs. The standard “set” of explored backgrounds and settings are not only old, but also fundamentally structured around a singular perspective. Inspecting the foundation of our fiction allows us to better understand the values or pitfalls of those choices, and how they may affect who decides to, or not to, join us at our table.

David (DC) Collins is a game designer with a focus on urban fantasy. Exploring how fiction and reality can learn from one another is their main goal. Their current project, Mutants in the Night, dares to venture through that territory by granting the marginalized the power to fight back with the very mutations that society deems inhuman. DC lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area, and focuses their energies on online community growth.

Brie Sheldon is a designer and editor of roleplaying games, a games journalist, and creator of the Script Change RPG toolbox. They have worked on live action and tabletop games including Let Me Take a Selfie, Of the Woods, Firefly Smuggler’s Guide to the Rim, Masks: Halcyon City Herald, and Bubblegumshoe. Their Thoughty site hosts their numerous interviews with game designers, artists, and creators, as well as articles on game theory and design. Their current projects are Turn, a tabletop game about shapeshifters in small towns, and a web series called Leading with Class, teaching leadership using concepts from games. Their work focuses on community, identity, being better – and asking questions.

Kelsa Delphi Kelsa  broadcasts a variety of role-playing games on Twitch.tv and YouTube. She has been playing D&D since she before she learned how to read, and GMing for nearly as long.  Recently she grew dissatisfied with the feel of the classic and has branched out widely into other systems, Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands being a personal favorite.  She also knits adorable dicebags disguised as octopuses.  She lives in the Greater Sacramento Area with a beautiful woman, an adorable dog, two cats, and 200+ board games.

Lauren Bond is a game master, streamer, cosplayer and all around nerd. She has been playing table top RPGs for many years, and has run a wide variety of games on twitch from Dungeons and Dragons to Sailor Moon. She loves intense feelings, and big stories and wants to empower others to tell stories through RPGs.


Image credits: Diversity Matters CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 andres musta.

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  • Tomer Gurantz

    Oh my! I wish I could join this session! Funny enough at this exact time I’ll be running MR-KR-GR: The Death-Rolled Kingdom, which is a SE Asia inspired fantasy settings written by two guys in Malaysia (Zedeck Siew and Munkao). This topic is totally up my alley.

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